Provider Payment Method|

Parkland Community Health Plan (PCHP) has partnered with Change Healthcare and ECHO Health, Inc. to provide more choice in payment methods in order to meet providers’ requests for more payment options. 

ECHO Health’s system will allow your office the ability to receive a virtual credit card (VCC), an Automated Clearing House (ACH)/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or a check payment. 

To sign up for EFT, use one of these enrollment options: 

Option 1: Enrollment with Parkland Community Health Plan only (no fees apply) by visiting 

Option 2: Enroll to receive EFT from all payers processing payments on the Settlement Advocated platform (a fee for this service will apply) by visiting 


ECHO EFT Enrollment Guide 

ECHO Payment Methods – Detailed information 

ECHO Provider Portal User Guide 

ECHO Frequently Asked Provider Questions 

If you have additional questions regarding your payment options, please contact ECHO Health at 1-888-927-6260.